Services Offered

iMayMedia produces an ever-expanding portfolio of podcasts, websites, and campaigns for painting contractors across the nation. Our expertise is in storytelling, and we have the skills to creatively market your brand across multiple mediums. We approach every project with a hands on approach that emphasizes team collaboration.

All iMay Media clients must have a Digital Marketing Analysis completed before we can offer any website or AdWords services. 

Digital Marketing Analysis

Fact finding mission and marketing expertise to determine opportunities, improvement, and competitive analysis specifically for the digital landscape. iMay Media will provide a list of recommendations based of areas of marketing opportunities and concerns as well as create a step by step digital marketing plan. The marketing analysis will explore different marketing themes relevant to the business including but not limited to:

  • Customer experience during the initial purchasing phase
  • Data interpretation through analytics accounts 
  • Trends related to searches for particular services or key phrases
  • Social media trends
  • Competitor trends
  • Website functionality and performance

Standard Website + Monthly Management

iMay Media will be responsible for building a new website with a template (designed by iMay Media). All major pages are included but not limited to: About, Gallery, Services, Contact, and Home. This template does not include SEO. All content (photos, videos, copy) MUST be provided by the client BEFORE we begin to build the site. Custom content is an additional cost.  

Website management includes:

  • Complimentary access to “The Bussiness Brush Marketing Club”
  • Day to day management of the website for any technical problems
    • Updating plugins 
    • Ensuring speed is stable
    • No spam attacks
  • Updating pages (up to 1 new project per week with pictures and description, to be supplied by client)
  • Free hosting of your website on our Siteground servers
  • Any troubleshooting for unexpected digital problems
  • Providing detailed monthly status reports of your website 
  • Optimized up to one blog post per month for SEO (content, i.e. pictures and description, to be supplied by client)

Google Ads + Monthly Management

iMay Media will be responsible for building one AdWords campaign for the client’s business. The type of campaign will be discussed with the client. The campaign includes:

  • At least two targeted ad-groups
    • A maximum of 3 ads per each ad group
    • Creating or optimizing a landing page designed to capture leads
      • Additional cost for websites not constructed by iMay Media
  • A generated list of phrase/exact match keywords to target
    • Generating a list of negative keywords as well
  • Setting up a maximum bid limit as well as daily budget that fits the client’s needs
  • Basic demographic targeting
  • Testing the account to ensure leads are coming through

Monthly management includes:

  • Management of an ad spend of up to $1,000 (paid for by the client directly to Google)
  • Implementing manual bid prices instead of automatic if warranted
  • Updating landing pages to improve conversions
  • A/B testing of the ads shown
  • Consistently updating the negative keyword list for unwarranted searches
  • Actively implementing bid adjustments based off live demographic data
  • Providing monthly status reports of your AdWords account
INCLUDES Website Management if iMay Media constructed the website.