Please make sure to read everything below before making a reservation for our podcast booth

Podcast Booth Training

To use the Podcast booth we do require that you receive training with our Producer, Damon Nagy. You can schedule training with Damon via email using We ask that you not schedule your booth time, until you have received training.

Reservation Policy

Booth reservations are $35/hr with a one hour minimum, billed in one hour increments. If you go over your time allowed, you will be billed for the additional time. Reservations are booked in one hour intervals and MUST be reserved no later than 36 hours prior to chosen time. Payment is due no later than 24 hours before scheduled reservation. Once reserved, you will receive an invoice for your payment for the time reserved. If invoice is unpaid, the reservation(s) will be cancelled.

To schedule the booth for a time outside of the hours listed please contact Nick using Reservations scheduled outside of regular hours will be charged $60/hr.

Additional Info

Please bring either a laptop, a MINI SD card, or other capture device. iMay Media is not responsible for recording files.